100 Day Blogging Challenge vs YouTube

March 25, 2022

What Happens After I Blog For 100 Days?

When I got started online, I was starting with these surveys which led into my first network opportunity. Now, I’m not going to mention their name as a company because they are no longer around.

I started with this site and what they did was introduce Blogging to me. They stressed the importance of blogging daily. The more I was learning about Blogging, the more i loved. I had the ability to bring content out there and as I was enjoying blogging.

Problem was, I didn’t know what to blog about so I just blogged about what interested me even if included nothing to do with make money online.

The blogs had no direction and no direct theme but what this site did was get me into blogging which I did until the site closed the doors and with that because my content was on their server all my content went with the company.

I learned a very important lesson. I found out I really enjoyed blogging but with the site and my hard earned effort gone I learned two very valuable lessons.

Never put your content in someone else’s server.

The strategy to being successful is to create content that people can access that you have full control in it. I didnt know it at the time but I could of done it all by myself. All I needed to do was buy a domain on Namecheap,Godaddy, or Bluehost. Buy a good domain that you own with WordPress included. I found out later that I didn’t need to pay $25 per month to maintain the blog.

This could of all been done by myself

With the site gone and for me realizing this later was a slap in the face so with the site gone, I stopped blogging for awhile.

What I did after blogging was I got into Affiliate Marketing and network marketing. I would find a couple more networking marketing and I would learn methods into building a list and sending traffic. The prospect would come in and pay for one month and then drop off. So I didnt know what I was doing wrong. It did have a positive outcome though. As I was temporarily getting results, I wanted to share my results so I created a YouTube channel.

As I got into these “other opportunities that were doomed to fail, it became easier for me to make videos and put myself in front of the camera. I was getting results. It was temporary but I was getting results. As I was making progress the fear went away that I had in the beginning about putting myself and my story out there.

I started making videos and going into these failed opportunities. So my content wasn’t good but somehow I passed the 1,000 subscriber milestone and YouTube was the first official source of income that I created by monetizing my channel

Watch On YouTube

What Happens If YouTube Disappears?

I happen to be in the process of thinking about the time and effort it took when I had the blog before. even though this is probably not going to happen, I started thinking about my content and others as well. Many people upload their content on YouTube and think that it is safe. The truth of the matter is once you upload your videos to YouTube, that YouTube has the resources to one day without reason and close your channel.

Blogging vs YouTube

People concentrate on ”ranking on YouTube” but at any time your content can disappear. Eithier YouTube won’t like it or they will disappear. It got me to thinking, there has to be a way for my content to be around and where the snap of a finger, it can disappear. Thats when I came back to blogging.

The 100 Day Blogging Challenge

Since I’ve put the focus on Blogging at one point and then creating content on a TouTube Channel. My mindset from this day on is, ”Ok, what if something happens to YouTube?” That’s what I tell myself to put myself in the mindset of Blogging everyday. My strategy is to create content for both YouTube and my blog but with the mindset of putting the videos on my blog and not just on YouTube. That way my content will always be around. I am presenting myself with a 100 day challenge and that is to post a new blog for the next 100 days. The goal is to put my content online where I have full control in it and to not put my hard earned content in the hands of someone else. Other then blogging everyday, the videos that are mine won’t be embedded on YouTube but instead hosted on something I can control.

So what will happen after 100 days of blogging? Stay Tuned…


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