The Four Percent Group | More Free Content Coming?

The Four Percent Group | More Free Content Coming?

I happen to be online and catch this webinar from Vick Strizheus. To summarize the webinar, he wants to focus more on making The Four Percent Group and taking away from it being labelled as an “opportunity” and more a place for people to go to get some Free information on how to be successful in whatever you decided to promote online.

In doing so, Vick said he is going to be putting more Free content out to the public and get some real good information on being successful online. He label the core products as “Mastery Levels” now and soon there will be more information available to the public, whether you are in The Four Percent Group or not.

Also in the beginning of the webinar he breaks down how to structure your income coming in, once you start getting a good amount of cashflow coming in. He starts off with $1,000 as an example:

T,W,C,G,O which stands for

Taxes = 40% of what you bring home. Gets saved to pay taxes at the end of the year.

Wealth = 10% of what you bring home. The actual income you have earned residual. Which this method you would use 10% to try and grow your wealth bigger. Whether that be in Digital Currency,Buying of Gold,Stocks,etc.

Charity = 10% of what you bring home. Charity is 10% of what you bring home to give to someone in need. Whether for a cause or a family member.

General = 20% of what you bring home. General is money that is put aside for life’s purpose. Getting a haircut,gas, buying groceries,etc.

Operations = 20% of what you bring home. Operation is basically like your online campaigns and growing and scaling your online business.

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