Advantages of Building Your Own List


Advantages of Building Your Own List


When I was first introduced to Build A List, I didn't see the importance to it. When I first got started, I would do what everyone else was doing. I would find an offer then connect it to an opportunity. As seen below in this video, when I was in revenue shares, I give you a general opt in page and link it to an opportunity.

In this video, I use My Paying Ads as an example, which was a revenue share. I don't promote revenue shares anymore or use Online Sales Pro as my main funnel but the video gives you a general idea of how to make a basic funnel.

In the beginning when I first was learning about "collecting leads" I could do that with paid advertising but when it came to following up with the leads, I would draw and blank and then usually just broadcast and opportunity. This would lead to my subscriber I just paid for to opt out and after many attempts I would develop a love/hate relationship with building a list. The whole process seemed like a waste of time but I only thought of that because in the beginning, I didn't understand it.


I kept coming back to list building because I kept researching that it is working for other people. It then I realized that I was doing the wrong. The right way to list build is to build a relationship with your audience. As my YouTube subscribers got bigger and I developed more content for my channel, I figured it out. I gained more subscribers on YouTube when I put out more valuable content. So the trick to list building is to treat it like a YouTube Channel. Most of the subscribers that come into your list are "cold leads" so what you have to do is give them enough valuable content like on YouTube to where they will start to know, like and trust you.

How I do this is, I've seen the effects of having valuable video content. So, what I do is create a sequence of training videos that are not seen anywhere else. It is only accessible by opting in. What this does it create content and its bases around questions new people are having when it comes to making money online. Think of it like this, if I am paying for a lead, I want that cold lead to have access to more rare information then a free lead because they where paid to get that lead and they are out there looking for this information. I've been creating my first sequence of training video which will be released soon. If you want access to those videos make sure and opt in to my list. I should have this finished very soon.

Advantages of Building A List:

  • Because when you build a list, you own it and you have 100% access to it. If Twitter or Facebook collapsed or instituted a change tomorrow in their privacy or user settings, your ability to communicate could be hampered instantly. You don’t want 100% of your access to be controlled by someone else who you have no control over.
  • It’s a permission based asset, meaning that those who sign up have given you permission to share and communicate with them. This gives you authority.
  • It’s proactive and enables you to communicate when you need to with a qualified audience who is likely to pay more attention (since they opted in to your list).
  • Despite the popularity of Twitter and Facebook, etc. not everyone is on them but almost everyone has email.
  • Even if you have a blog, many of your readers still have no idea what an RSS is or how to use it. An email newsletter or email blog subscription makes it simple for those who are less tech savvy
  • Most people read or at least glance at their emails as they slide through their inboxes. On the other hand, when someone is following thousands on Twitter or Facebook it’s harder to get your message seen because they may only be “actively” following a much smaller group.
  • Email can be used to drive engagement on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • It’s low cost and it helps you capture the impact from any promotional efforts you do (example… if someone links to your site and sends traffic there but you aren’t offering any clear way for them to signup then you lose out on the impact of that traffic).

Methods of Making Money Online With List Building

A lot of these methods, I will be creating later in my training section but here are some other ways to benefit and get paid by using list b

#1) Sell a product on the thank you page of your optin

This is how I structured them in the beginning. After they opt in to put a product or opportunity that you can sell. You can sell a affiliate opportunity or your own content. I have learned over time that if you make your own videos, the subscriber will know, like and trust you more. If you send them to a sales page with someone else doing the talking then all your doing is warming them up to someone else and having them do research on someone else. You want them to be engaged on your content but this is an effective way. You won't get a lot of sales on the Thank You page. So make sure you follow up with them.

#2) Replay Promotions

Was one of your previous email campaigns wildly popular? Did you offer a 2 hour flash sale on your products and people went crazy?

Well then, do it again.

Monitor all your previous campaigns and replay promotions that did really well before. People perk up at the sight of special promotions and discounts anyways. So leverage that and make money instantly.

However, don’t overdo promotions as that gives a bad vibe. Limit them to a couple of times a year.

3. Segment

As Campaign Monitor reported‘There was a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns.’

When you segment your list, you get a clear idea of who your potential customers are and who’re mere lurkers. You can segment your list according to their demographics, their open rates, their interest in your different products, past purchases, and so on. This way you can focus on selling different products to buyers who’re truly interested in purchasing them.

Here’s a great article to get you started with segmentation.




I hope you get a good general idea of how to benefit from list building. You want to stand out from the crowd and do what the others aren't doing. Think about this, those that are subscribed to your list probably are subscribed to others list. So what makes your list different then the others. Stand out with valuable content.

Here is another tip. Opt in to a successful leader online that is making 6-7 figures online, then study how they are structuring their follow up sequences. From there you can get a general idea of how to structure your own lists.

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