Affiliate Marketing or HODLing Crypto? My Thoughts From My Twitter POLL

Affiliate Marketing or HODLing Crypto? My Thoughts From My Twitter POLL

A couple days ago, on my Twitter account I asked on a Poll if you where only to choose one of these which would you choose?

Would you choose Crypto, do some research, find a cryptocurrency that interest you then HODL that coin then hope for the best


Put more focus online Affiliate Marketing or basically getting sales online by building up more Multiple Sources of Income online.

Here are my results after I let it run for 6 days…

The results actually surprised me. Even though I do both, I find more value in Affiliate Marketing. If you focus just on HODLing crypto then your waiting for a long to see any gains.

With building Multiple Sources Online, you can actually be increasing your wealth daily by doing different activities online. To get a general idea of the difference between the two, I highlighted some key features in my original video as I was creating this poll.

As you can see in this video, I highlight just a few things you can with earning Multiple Sources online:

  • Selling Print On Demand
  • Becoming an Amazon Affiliate
  • Selling Products on Clickbank
  • and many more


One strategy you can do is stick to affiliate marketing first and building more multiple sources online and once you have some more sources online, you can then take some of that profit and start HODLing more cryptocurrency

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