Becoming A “Product Of The Product”

Affiliate Marketing

Today, I am going to share the process of becoming the “Product of The Product” and what this basically means, what you choose to promote online to do proper research on that opportunity.

I recommend this method before even approaching sites such as Clickbank and JVZoo. Becoming the “Product of The Product” pins you as an expert in your field when cold traffic meets you for the first time.

What I cover in most of my training is not to promote Clickbank and others and the first step is basically, putting yourself out there as an expert as what you’re talking about.

Recently, I made a post on creating content based on your knowledge and skills. If you go back to that post, I basically teach you to find a skill and create an Ebook out of it or a training series. That is “Product of The product.”

How to relate this, for example, let’s say Clickbank. If you want to get sales based on Clickbank offers, then I would recommend buying the actual product. Once you buy it, I would go right in and put yourself in the mindset of cold traffic.

You got to think about how this product or service would help prospects. So I would go through the site and write what you have learned from it. Once you get enough people, I would either write an Ebook about it that I would give away for FREE. Either do that or make a training series. On this series…I would make an Ebook and share your knowledge.

If you choose to write an Ebook, then give it away after a prospect opts into your funnel as a cold lead. They don’t know you but if you gave them the value they will appreciate it and buy from you what you recommend. If you don’t want to do an Ebook then the next best thing is to give training around what they are looking for. Both these methods you are not directly selling but giving value.

Take in the material you want to make a commission in and create content around it. That’s what is called becoming a product of the product. While you’re setting this up, you will have their contact so down the line you can keep giving them value.


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