Branding Yourself Part One

Branding Yourself, Part One

What is the number one thing you want to focus on if you are first coming online?  The very first thing you need to focus on is branding yourself and figuring out your “Why?”

Your reason to come online has to be bigger then “I just want to make some money.” You have to have a purpose into why your putting yourself out there. This took me a LONG time to understand people buy from people and people buy based on the value that is given. I use to structure my campaign where I just lead the customer to the sales page of the offer but that is the wrong way to market when making money online. You lead them to value and knowing your story. Building relationship is better then just making a quick buck online.

Like I explained in the video, my reasons for starting an online business was inspired hugely on the idea of what my dad created. My father carried his own offline company up until his passing. It wasn’t until he passed that I knew I had to carry on the family name. My goal was to get a skill and create a online business out of it. It is what I told myself after he passed away because I knew I would eventually find skills to create my own business. I just didn’t know at the time what the skills would of been. I went back in forth between choice fields related to Multimedia and Film until those options dried up.

I then decided I wanted to learn how to create income online. So in 2012, that’s when I joined opportunities and paid for information. What I found out is there is a lot of bad information out there. There are about 96% people out there acting like they know what they are talking about and they are just giving bad information. The purpose of Holloway-Marketing other then some great resources is to mainly have a library of FREE information. I have already done all the dirty work with trial and error along the way but the purpose of this site is primarily to focus on methods where you don’t have to rely on other companies to build wealth for yourself.

If my dad was still around, I’m sure he would be proud that I have carried on and his legacy can live on through my teachings. My father was my reason for creating this site. Creating more wealth for the people around me is my “why”. What is your reason for doing this? What is your why? How will you brand yourself.

The best ways to start branding yourself, is to start getting your story out there. Start making videos on YouTube, open up another Facebook account and connect with like minded people. Positioning yourself with like minded people, will change you but it all starts with branding first. What is your “why”? Why do you want to have an online business?

Trivia: In most of my videos, I try and have pictures of my father seen in the background in majority of my videos because he was my biggest inspiration growing up.

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“My Online Business was inspired by my father who created his own offline company until his passing”

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