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If you have followed me on my journey so far, you know that I started out trying affiliate marketing in the beginning. In the beginning I wasn't good at it because I feared putting myself in front of the camera. This fear really cost me in the beginning. Even though in the beginning, I did learn about blogging and learned that I actually enjoyed it. In the beginning I was hosted on a companies site which actually lasted for a long time but the site did close its door so I had to revamp my site. Eventually, I moved it over to my own hosted Word Press blog. I now knew how to have my own blog.

I didn't haven't to worry about a company disappearing because it was hosted my my own private account. Even after the company disappeared, I looked for other opportunities. Eventually, I came across revenue shares which is what introduced me to Digital Currency.

I went down the opposite path, these new opportunities helped me learn about crypto but I wasn't HODLing. I was buying crypto to buy Adpacks and compounded my results. I compounded up to 23 Bitcoin but was never able to withdraw because the company eventually couldn't afford to pay its members and had to shut the door.

At the time, Bitcoin was worth about $600 - $700. When the company shut its door, I realized what I should of done from the beginning. I should of been HODLing Bitcoin the entire time. So since that company shut down my main focus was crypto and HODLing Bitcoin and other coins. My main coins of choice right now are Bitcoin, Digibyte and Litecoin.

So as I start to HODL more, I find FREE Resources to accumulate more crypto. I decided to document my journey, so on my YouTube Channel have made a lot of videos on strategies to collect free crypto. These videos caused my popularity on YouTube to increase as my subscribers find a lot of value in these videos...

So, I started HODLing more and I waited and waited and realized it takes a lot of patience to HODL. First, you have to take some funds and put them in a crypto and then wait and sometimes its very hard to stomach seeing your profits going up and down.

Thats what I decided on is even though I will be invested in crypto, I will not put 100% anymore.

What if what I learned in the beginning will improve? My content has got better. I have master getting more referrals. So, which is the better option? Buying and HODLing Crypto or Building A Brand Online?

When I talk about building a brand online, I am talking about creating content,making videos on youtube and blogging. Instead of focusing on waiting for crypto, you focus on branding instead. So I ask the question? Which is better Crypto or Building a Brand?

Advantages of  using your resources for Crypto?

  • Buy 1 Bitcoin and in the future you will be ahead of those that aren't involved yet. There is only so many that can be mined and not every millionaire in the world will eventually not be able to afford 1 Bitcoin. So now is a good time to accumulate that 1 Bitcoin.
  • The alternative to Bitcoin is you can invest in a ton of cheaper coins. Litecoin, Digibyte and Ripple are some of my favorites. You can buy these coins right now very cheap and when the next bull run happens you can cash out and exchange that for Bitcoin and/or other coins

Disadvantages of  using your resources for Crypto?

There are only two disadvantages I can think of with Crypto and the first one is there is a long wait period for your specific coin. If you choose only to HODL Crypto then there is a long wait. You never know when the next bull run will be and how much of the run the coin will reach. So this makes alot of wasted time just waiting on Crypto to make the moves you want but when it does happen, you most likely will see gains but you don't know when or where that is going to happen.

Advantages of putting your energy on Building A Brand Online:

  • More ways to creating more Multiple Sources of Income Online
    • Building A List
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Create An E-Book
    • Build Your Own Products
    • Sell Print On Demand Products
    • Always more to learn on creating more sources online

Disadvantages of putting your energy on Building A Brand Online:

  • More Money Upfront - It adds up when you first get started because some of the requirements you need are a autoresponder, landing page creators and constant cashflow in the beginning to pay for paid marketing


Final Thoughts:

The option I am going to pick for a beginner is to brand yourself online. There are several ways to start making money online. It seems on the more satififying reason. I would feel better knowing I recommended a product for someone that helped them solve a problem. With crypto, its not really helping anyone. Your buying a coin and waiting for gains. With building your own brand and building more Multiple Sources of Income is increasing your income and your helping people solve problems.

To me focusing on building a business is the better option. I am not saying crypto is a bad option. I am saying build your income with multiple sources of income first with building a brand and when you have some money coming in, make your money work you and then you buy some crypto.

Verdict: Build Your Brand First then HODL Crypto later when you got more Multiple Sources of Income coming in.

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