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Clickbank Product Review | FREE Numerology Report


Recently, I have been on Clickbank and checking out some of the top selling products and one of them that stands out is the Numerology site. If your not looking for Health and Wellness to Promote or one of the other useful marketing tools the have with the affiliate side of things, I found this site interesting.


So what I decided to do is record me getting my FREE personalized report on camera and discuss for FREE, what it went over about my personality.

Here are some notes I took during my FREE Numerology Report.

My Life Path is calculated by adding up the digits of my birth date

Since my birthday is December 13th 1981, you take the digits and add them up and you get a unique number. My Unique number is 8. Just from this information, they give me some more specs:

  • I am a take charge kind of person
  • Passionate, Tough and have tremendous inner strength
  • born leader and have outstanding charisma that inspires others to take action.
  • Great judge of character aids me into attracting the right people
  • A true visionary and do whatever it takes to achieve my goals
  • Willing to take big risks and because of that I am more likely to achieve more immeasurable rewards.
  • Often accused of being stubborn, impatient or anti-authority its only because I am more courageous and determined then most and don't like getting caught up in the "little things"



Those are just some of the basics when getting a FREE Numerology report. You can watch the 2nd video above to get a general idea with what comes with your numerology report. I have purchased an of the additional reports after the reading but I will at a later time. If you are interested in getting your own FREE Numerology reading then click below for more information.


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