CPA Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing vs CPA Marketing | Which Is Better?

You may of heard of both and wondered which is better? This is my own opinion from looking into both. Both are ways to make money online but it seems to me one method is more passive and the other isn’t. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

Affiliate Marketing

You make a percentage of commissions when what your promoting gets a sale. Usually, you can get somewhere between 30% – 50% of sales depending on the offer.


  • You can build up passive income. Do the work once and get paid as long as the prospect is a paid member
  • You can recommend products to someone that helps them solve problems
  • Your prospect will know like and trust you if you gave value


  • Takes a little money out of pocket to get started. To be successful you need a autoresponder, a landing page creator and money set aside for marketing
  • It might take some time to build up the multiple sources of income from the ground up

CPA Marketing


  • You don’t need to invest in a lot of money to get going. Depends on your traffic.
  • To be successful, I recommend building a website around that CPA offer. Registering a domain is very cheap compare to what you need to get started with affiliate marketing.
  • You can make a lot of money fast if you target the right people


  • Prospect will never met “You” as you act like a third party
  • Prospect won’t get any value from you
  • Payouts are small and not passive
  • You sometimes have to trick people to filling out forms which to me feels wrong

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, then here are some tools and you will need:


Landing Page Creators:

Other Tools and Resources:

If you are interested in CPA marketing, then here are some tools and you will need:

Max Bounty (Approval Needed)


CPA Grip


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