Crypto By Day, Affiliate Marketing By Night

Crypto By Day, Affiliate Marketing By Night

This video was a general update on what I am focusing on for the remainder of 2018. When I first started 2018, I was aware of crypto currencies but instead of HODLing I wasted time with opportunities that are no longer with us.

The most important lesson, I learned about crypto this year and what actually took me a long time to realize is putting your money in someone’s else’s opportunity will not give you the lifestyle you are desiring.

My Paying Ads,My Paying Crypto Ads, My Advertising Pays, Empower Network and some other are companies I joined. I have different reasons for joining each. With the revenue shares, I learned that companies can dry and and close with a blink of an eye. Empower Network was one of first opportunities, I joined. I didn’t get gains as a affiliate because at the time I was still afraid to put my face on camera.

I got over my fear of being in front of the camera after I was exposed to revenue shares but I believe if I am now how I was in the beginning, I would of seen different results. I did learn strategies but didn’t gain much back because my fear of what people would think.

At the beginning of the year, I saw most of these companies run out of money and crumble before my eyes. In the crypto side of things, I didn’t HODL when I should of. For example, when I first learned about Bitcoin, the coin was around $600 – $700 a coin. Now, when writing this article, the price of Bitcoin is:

Bitcoin All Time Chart As of October 15th 2018
As of October 15th 2018

Since I learned about Bitcoin and was introduced it, the price has grown from $600 – $6,426. With the All Time High seen last January 2018 at close to 19k. Will it go lower to 6k? Probably Not but that doesn’t mean I’ve missed the boat. Now is the time to buy Bitcoin because in another 6 months to 1 year, it won’t be where it is today. It will be much higher.

So the best alternative is to find the cheaper coins. Coins that where in the place Bitcoin use to be. So accumulate as much of the cheap coins and when the value goes up. You can either flip it into Bitcoin or HODL it in the cheaper coin if you believe it will grow over time.

So if I can teach you anything about Crypto, don’t buy into those opportunities. They won’t last. Just take what you can and put a percentage in crypto. I put at least 10% or more of my main source of income. Whichever coin you choose is up to you, so do proper research.

What is the biggest disadvantage with HODLing Crypto?

The biggest disadvantages of just focusing on HODLing Crypto is the waiting period and being able to stomach the ups and down of the crypto market. When you HODL, you will be attempted to sale because we never really know when the market will go up or down and your left for a long period of time during a bear market and wonder if if will ever go up. You might be tempted to sell early and might of taken a loss. So the wait is long if this is all you are doing.

What do I do when the market is slow or in a bear market? I focus on growing my income with affiliate marketing and taking the time to learn new strategies for growing more multiple sources of income.

During this time, I am making more videos for my YouTube Channel, Researching and learning new things in affiliate marketing because there is always something new to learn. Once I learn something new, I put it in a form of a video or blog entry.

Conclusion/ Closing Thoughts

What I forgot to mention in my video, is I am going to start to do YouTube Live Streams. I’m not sure how to connect with Facebook and YouTube. It’s something I have to learn but my first Stream will be soon and I will be posting it on my blog as soon as its posted. I have huge following on YouTube now, I thought I would try it out. My first video will be a Q and A if there is any Question you want to ask you can ask it there.

What I have planned for my Affiliate Marketing is in the past, when I did a campaign, I would lead a subscriber to the sales page after they opted in. Things are going to be different in my next campaign which will be released later. I am currently filming 30 videos that no one has ever seen. You will only see these videos through opting in and you will get a training video for the next 30 days on very valuable content. I can’t talk about what is going to be on it but it will have very good content. Each video will be a source to building 30 stable income streams online. Also, as more of these videos get made, my training section on my website will be taken down. Enjoy it now while I have it available because when I have my campaign ready to start they will be taken down. Instead, you will be taken to where you can opt in to my list to get that content delivered to you daily. Stay Tuned, I have a lot of great content coming your way very soon.

Disclaimer: This is the opinion of Paul Holloway. I am not a financial adviser. This content is only for entertainment and educational purposes. Invest at your own risk.

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