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How Can CryptoTab Build Two Sources of Income?

Did You know there are two ways to create passive income with CryptoTab? Recently my focus was just build my Bitcoin with CryptoTab but after learning these two strategies are pretty effective, I changed my daily strategy. Now my referrals are growing my network and I am able to create more passive form of income, applying these strategies. Both these methods are a long term base but I believe if I repeat this process it will lead to bigger gains in the future.

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You build two sources of income two ways:

Building Up Your Referral Level 1

If all you focus on is building up your first level, your referrals will take care of the rest. A snowball effect will happen where every time you reload CryptoTab, you will notice more referral appearing beneath your Level one. The more you get referrals the faster you will start to accumulate satoshi because your team is helping with your sucess.

At first I was collecting the satoshi and withdrawing it to my wallet but there is a better strategy you can use with CryptoTab. If you withdraw your earnings to an exchange like Binance or Bittrex. I personally use Bittrex but if you exchange your daily satoshi for a cheaper coin you believe will go up in the future, you will make more money long term. Just keep building your level one and cashing out to exchange you satoshi daily. What coins to exchange it with? I personally am focused on Digibyte and Ripple but will focus on Digibyte first.

Increasing Satoshi Every Day

You don’t have to do the first method if you want to but I believe you can make more over time doing it that way. The other method of course if just focusing on building your level one and cashing out and building to get as much satoshi as you want. As you get more referrals you will be earning more satoshi per day.

Will CryptoTab Last Forever?

I can answer this with a very strong NO. Nothing last forever. We don’t know how long CryptoTab will be around. I do know this… Downloading the CryptoTab Browser is free and is a great way to start earning some Bitcoin but it won’t last forever. I don’t know when that time is but I know there is an opportunity to start accumulating some satoshi and I am going to take advantage of this opportunity.

How Do You Get CryptoTab Referrals?

When I first started CryptoTab, I made a few videos explaining my strategies and so far have given me good results.

Promote CryptoTab with Adfly – This video my audio isn’t great but I give you a great strategy to start getting more referrals using Adfly. Right now this is my #1 strategy.

Promote CryptoTab with AdBTC – This is a strategy to apply once you have a good enough balance created daily because you can simply withdraw to the site using your earned BTC and send links and get daily traffic this way. I don’t recommend till you can earn about 10k satoshi per day then you can constantly send traffic back to CryptoTab. I also made a video where I walked you through the entire process of AdBTC. You can watch that video by clicking here.

Are there any other strategies you haven’t mentioned yet?

I am going to eventually experiment with other methods such as using sources with Mellow Ads and BTC Clicks. Both of these I am looking into at a later time.

Download Cryptotab Browser & Start Mining Bitcoin

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