CryptoTab Update & Review | 0.000046751 BTC | 843 Referrals

Cryptotab Update and Review

Current Stats:

Total Withdrawals From CryptoTab: 0.000046751 BTC

Referrals: 843

Today is another general update on my CryptoTab journey. Today my referral count is getting faster and faster with more of my referrals becoming active. My strategy with this of course is to build it up to eventually get to 1 Bitcoin (BTC) out of it. When I have enough to withdraw, I withdraw the full amount. Other members from CryptoTab will teach you to take your CryptoTab earning and use it for advertising.

What I do is different. I have learned to appreciate every amount of Free satoshi that you get because in time, it will be worth a lot more. So simply what I would do is not keep your withdrawals on the site and to put it in a safe location whether in a hardware wallet or desktop wallet such as Exodus and the Ledger Nano S, which are what I use. I stay away from storing crypto online.

If you want to join CyptoTab, then I made two videos that teach how to start getting referrals. Click Here to Watch my video to learn how to get referrals using AdBTC

and the most effect strategy for me is using Adfly can be watched by clicking here. Adfly has been the most effective method I have used and you can get a lot of referrals using their services.


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