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November 3, 2022

Today, I am going to talk about a EMA strategy that is very powerful. I got this strategy by participating in a Live on Tik Tok with someone with the name “Power Of Publish.” I recommend checking out his channel because he gives valuable information about Affiliate Marketing and Crypto but he is put the focus mainly on crypto because he doesn’t want people to get wrecked in the next bull market.

Anyway, he goes over one of hisĀ  methods to figure out where the market is going. To apply this strategy, you will need a Pro Account on Trading view which will enable you to have up to 10 indicators. Once active you make sure and load the Exponential Moving Average and you load it up for the 20,25,30,35,40,45,50 and 55. I make the 20 EMA a bright color because that is the EMA your going to observe more then the others.

The formula is very simple, if the lines are going straight then the candles will go in that same direction. If it goes down, then the trend is in a downtrend. If it is going up, the trend is in a uptrend.

How I found to be profitable with this these indicators with the stock market and doing options is look at the 20 EMA. Which I suggest be a bright color. If it collides with the other Moving Average, then it is really easy to tell which direction it will be going. This will work on any timeframe but I prefer using this on the 5 minute if you are doing options. If you follow this strategy on the 5 minute, then it is very easy to find patterns Monday through Friday and make passive income in the stock market.



I am not responsible for any profit or losses with the context in this blog and video.

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