Digibyte HODL Case Study | 589 DGB

Digibyte HODL Case Study

My focus in the next couple months is to build my Digibyte Portfolio. I believe in the coin and that it will reach $1 very soon. The lastest I am predicting is December 2018, hopefully we will see a good increase. This gives me time to load up as much Digibyte as possible. My strategy is to collect and keep buying Digibyte until it reaches $1. To keep adding to my Digibyte portfolio till I see the $1 price. Once I see the $1 gain. I will flip 1 BTC worth and 1 LTC worth and keep the rest in Digibyte. This is my strategy on buying when the prices are cheap and getting massive gains down the line.

How Much Digibyte are you planning on buying?

Minimum about $200/month ( thats valued at around 10,000 DGB right now.) and my max being $400 month  ( thats valued at around 20,000 DGB right now.). Of course, I am also leverage the free faucet programs such as FreeBitcoin and Coinpot and converting over to Digibyte when I have enough to withdraw. With FreeBitco.in. You need about 0.00030000 BTC to withdraw and right now, I can get to that amount every 3 days with the current Bitcoin price. Also I have refferals in Coinpot which help build it faster. I put all my earning into Litecoin and I withdraw when I can. It usually takes me about 2-3 days before I can withdraw the required 0.002 LTC.


How Much Digibyte do you currently own?

Most of what has been earned so far has been through the free resources. I’ve yet put any of my own money in it yet but that will come very soon. Currently own 589 DGB and bought on average around the 0.0251 value mark.

What would I do if it went up to $1 today?

I currently don’t have enough Digibyte to have massive gains. If it went to $1, I have 3 options.

  • Put it all into Bitcoin which would give me 0.097 BTC
  • Put It all into Litecoin which would give me 7.47 LTC


I’m only focusing on 3 coins. With my strategy in place, I am using Digibyte to grow my portfolio into both Bitcoin and Litecoin. I believe in each coin but the best strategy for me right now is to keep HODLing Digibyte.

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