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Filmed in 2019

This took me a very long time to understand and that if you want to brand yourself online, become an affiliate marketer. YOU HAVE TO START building a Email List! As Soon As Possible!!

What took me a very long time to understand and I DID understand the principles when I got started. I was like. “Ok So I Got To Build And Email List”

I would get started… I use GetResponse back in the day and I still use it today. I got my autoresponder set up, I understand a little on traffic but I could never understand what to do with the follow ups once you have them in your autoresponder. So I bombarded them with emails and they eventually unsubscribed and I was telling myself

Man Showing Distress

“This doesn’t work”

I couldn’t understand the process and because I didn’t, I stopped focusing on building my list. Big Mistake!!

This mistake cost me because I would always find myself going back to list building again. I would tell myself…

“Ok, Let’s try this again. I think I understand a little bit more on how to make this work”

I tried some new methods but got frustrated when it wasn’t working and I would drop it again.

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It wasn’t until late 2019 when I realized what was missing…

I decided to change my formula and thought more of branding myself. It took a couple tries but a thought came into my mind. “Ok, What would happen if YouTube wasn’t around? That’s when it hit me and most importantly what people are using email list for. To build their brand. I also realized that major companies such as Walmart and others use email lists. So if big time companies use it, then it has to work, right?

When I understood that, I realized how I should structure my email list by pretending YouTube doesn’t exist and giving value to my prospects which is the most important thing you can do online. Affiliate Opportunities come and go but if you have a list and you give value then they will stay subscribed to you for a very long time. They start off as cold traffic but if you can reach a complete stranger and give them value. That’s the whole purpose of building a list and a brand online. Everything else won’t matter online until you start building a list and providing value.

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