What I Have Learned About E-Mail Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
March 24, 2022

“E-Mail Marketing Is the most important thing you could do for your business”

The money is in the list! That what I heard when I first started. In the beginning, I couldn’t understand why it was so important. When I first got started online, I understood enough to get a autoresponder going, so I used GetResponse.

In the beginning, I could understand the process of sending a prospect through a funnel but I could never understand what to do after??

You have a new prospect. So what do you do? Do you bombard them with emails? Do you find more prospects? What do you do? This part of email marketing confused me until I looked at Email Marketing as a whole. I started to see e-mail marketing everywhere.

When I learned about email marketing as a entrepreneur I thought it was just something online marketers said that had to be done but then I thought about companies offline. One day, I’m at a Wal-Mart and I am going by the Photo Center and I’m ordering Photos. The last thing it asks me before spitting out my photos was it asked for my email address at the end of it.

Now why is Wal-Mart asking for my email address? So they could send me promotions and discounts in the future on other Photo related content. It is at that moment, I realized email marketing is just as important offline that it is online. I thought to myself, If big companies are using email marketing then it must work for both big companies and smaller online companies.

When I realized this, I realized that email marketing for online is more important then ever. All these big time companies have an established brand but online no one know who you are. That is why it is important to create content online that educates and helps solve problem with building an email list. When you do this you will grow your email list and when you grow your list your income will increase because the money is truly in the list.

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