Faceless YouTube Channel Case Study #1 | Is It Working?


Why I Got Interested in Faceless YouTube Videos?

So here I am, browsing YouTube and I see videos on how you can make loads of money by not showing your face. The goal is simple, create videos on a constant basis. The main goal is to reach the 4,000 hours watch time and 1,000 subscribers. That will unlock being a partner on YouTube and getting paid with Google Adsense based on how many views you are getting.

The idea interested me because when I started watching the videos, I already showed my face on my main YouTube Channel. So, how hard could it be? I begin coming up with ideas of testing if I could reach this goal and so far I think I’m doing good. I’ve gone from $0 to around $25 in a matter of two weeks. That’s how much I would make if I was a YouTube Partner.

What I created was a Meditation YouTube Channel and when I first got it going I focused on Nature scenes with relaxing music but I did I 180 and starting making the channel into affirmations. Eventually, I used my own voice and was starting to pump about 2 videos per day. I slowed down for a few days but I also paid someone on Fiverr for marketing. He basically does SEO on the channel. I don’t pay for subscribers because I think that will hurt the channel.

So, I will update you on the progress but in a matter of two weeks, I have grown a brand new channel to $25/month. According to social blade. I will keep you posted on my journey. I will be documenting this. I will be posting some of my videos on Holloway Marketing because I think it’s great to help with mindset.

I started making my own affirmations videos to help myself because I believe in hearing my own voice is 10x more effective than listening to others and I wanted to help others have a more positive outlook on life. Whether I make it to 1,000 subs or not. I will still be providing value to my subscribers.
Paul Holloway

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