Favorite Indicators for Trading

I thought I would devote some space to talk about some of the Indicators I use when making my trading decisions. Most of these indicators are Paid Indicators but there are a few that are FREE on Trading view and I have a video on each of these indicators and their uses.

FREE Indicators:

  1. Difference In Two Moving Averages (Free Oscillator)
  2. Gaussian Channel
  3. Hull Suite
  4. Moving Average Exponential

Paid Indicators:

  1. Trade Confident Indicators
    1. Buyers Vs Sellers
    2. Pressure Gauge
    3. Trend Exhaustion
    4. Price vs Whale Money Flow
  2. AlgoPro Indicators
    1. Algo Pro Bull Bot
    2. Algo Pro Dashboard
    3. Algo Pro Forex Suite
    4. Algo Pro Scalper Bot
    5. Algo Pro Scalper Bot V2
    6. Algo Pro Trend SR
    7. AlgoPro V1
    8. AlgoPro V 1.2
    9. AlgoPro V2
    10. AlgoPro V3
    11. AlgoPro Volume SR
    12. AlgoPro Volume Strength
  3. Pulse Algo Pro Indicators (Highly Recommended)
    1. Pulse Algo Pro (V 2.1)
    2. Pulse Algo Pro Oscillator


Combination Strategies using two or more indicators:

  1. How To Use Paid Indicator Pressure Gauge & Make 1-5% In Trades
  2. Day Trading Strategy with Buyers vs Sellers & Trend Exhaustion
  3. How To Predict The Market Is Going Bullish With The Pressure Gauge Indicator
  4. Day Trading With Trend Exhaustion Indicator | Trading Confident Indicators
  5. Powerful Indicator To Figure Out When The Whales Are Buying & Selling Crypto
  6. How To Profit From Day Trading Using These Two Paid Indicators

Free Indicators: Difference In Two Moving Averages

Difference In Two Moving Averages (Free Oscillator)

One of my free indicators found on Trading View is the Difference In Two Moving Averages indicator and it’s uses are good for good day trades. In the settings, I change the EMA to 14 and 48 which gives you data between the two EMA’s and it will help make great trading decisions.

What To Do When you see the Green bars?

When the bars are light green, its a good time to buy. As it forms the darker green, I start to sell because that is a indication for me that the price might start to go down.

What Happens When You see the Red bars?

When the color is light red I wait and see what will happen to the price, when it goes from lighter red to darker red, I enter my position as I see that as a indication to the market might be getting ready to go back up.

Free Indicators: Gaussian Channel

The Gaussian Channel

The Gaussian Channel acts like quicksand. When the candles are above the channel, its a good time to buy. When it’s on the bottom, its basically a sit back and watch what happens. When its in the channel it is considered to be sinking and the candles could go either way.

The Hull Suite

The Hull Suite is a nice Free indicator that displays a ribbon throughout the chart that basically shows you when the overall market is going to go down or when it’s gonna go up.

I use this and I look at the ribbon when I see a little green at the tip, I take it as a indication to start buying. When I look at the tip and its red, its a indication to sell.

Using Moving Average Exponential

The strategies I use from trading with the Moving Average, I learned from watching many YouTube videos but this strategy pretty much was learned from ReviewDork. If you have not watched his videos. I recommend it. He basically uses the 13 EMA and the 48 EMA to make his calls.

ReviewDork, uses this method the basically use it for the stock market and to use it to find ways to find Puts and Calls but the strategy will work without doing this method as well. What you have to do is basically wait for the 13 EMA to cross with the 48 EMA and basically is a dead giveaway if in the future the price is going to go up or down. It is pretty much accurate and using this method, you will be able to know when to buy and when to sell.

Paid Indicators – Pulse Algo Pro – (V 1.2)


The Pulse Algo Pro Indicator gives you a visual on the direction of the market and also gives Buy and Sell signals. These Buy/Sell signals can also be used as Calls and Puts with the Stock Market and are usually very accurate and on point.

Paid Indicators РPulse Algo Pro РOscillator 

The Pulse Algo Pro Oscillator is a visual representation on the markets next moves and you can easily pick up when its going to start to go down or up. Great for Calls and Puts in Stock Market because it is usually accurate at the direction of the stock.


Paid IndicatorsClick Here To Access These Indicators 

Buyers vs Sellers Indicator

This paid indicator is a great indicator to see if majority of people are buying or selling. A good strategy is just to wait for the white line to dip into the red and buy, then when it goes up you can sell at any time that it is in the green zone.

Pressure Gauge Indicator

It took me awhile to realize the yellow line in the pressure gauge is almost the same as the Buyers vs Sellers indicators. What you can use this indicator for is just to wait for the yellow pressure bar to appear on the indicator and it will indicate sharp moves up or sharp moves down.

Trend Exhaustion

This indicator can time the tops and bottoms real well as shown in the picture above. When the trend exhaustion reaches the bottom, thats usually the bottom of the market and from there, the price usually spikes back up. When the Trend Exhaustion is all the way to the top, is usually mean the price is going to start dropping

Price vs Whale Money Flow

I end up removing the price from the chart because it gets too confusing but this indicator kind of spies on the whales in the market. When the line goes up that means a lot of the whale are buying. When the line is dropping, that means a lot of the whales are selling.

Which Strategy Do I Recommend?

The one I recommend is basically the Free Method and that’s with Using the Moving Average Exponential Method. Use the three EMA’s to see when the 13 and the 48 cross and you basically can tell which direction the market is going to go. Great strategy for both crypto and stocks.