Focus On Two Crypto Coins, Not A Top Ten

Focus on Two Crypto Coins, Not A Top Ten

In this video, I speak from experience and reveal how I learned about Crypto the hard way. I figured out about how cryptocurrency worked through opportunities that are no longer around. What was the best alternative for me?


Personally, I can’t tell you what coins to invest in or how long to HODL them, but from personal experience, you will loose more investing in crypto related opportunities then if you set that same amount and held on for it longer. Most likely about 99.9% of the time If you put your money in an opportunity online (it doesn’t even have to be crypto related), you most likely will never see the returns. I’ve been apart of tons of opportunities and not a single one of them gave me the return, I was originally was expecting.

The best option with Digital currency, is you want to be in control and not through another company. If you HODL you are in full control of your money. You just can’t control the market and when prices go up and down. So my advise is pick a crypto currency from the top ten and ride it out for 6 months – 1 year and see what happens.

What Are my personal picks?


Bitcoin is what stood out the test of time. When I was in those opportunities that failed. Bitcoin grew to higher numbers. It has stood the test of time. However, this coin is very volatile. I recommend only a small percentage and use free faucets to claim more bitcoin per day.  Once you get to 1 BTC at least, my advice HODL for as long as you can.



Litecoin is considered the silver to Bitcoin. Buying Litecoin is about 25% cheaper then Bitcoin and it has a great founder, Charlie Lee. Litecoin is believed to go up in value along side with Bitcoin. As Bitcoin rises, so will Litecoin and the other cryptos.


I didn’t talk about about Digibyte in the video because I filmed that video before I got into Digibyte but Digibyte is currently my coin of choice and what I am focusing on right now. I am HODLing Digibyte, so when the price increases, I will be flipping into both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Right now as I’m writing this, the price of Digibyte¬† is worth $0.02 which is a bargain. Recently did a test on the transaction speed between two computers I have and the transfer only two two seconds which is very very fast compared to Bitcoin transaction speeds, you usually have to wait 30 minutes or more. Litecoin is faster but not as fast as Digibyte. I believe we will see a $1 Digibyte very soon which is why this is my coin of focus.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser. I speak from experience. Don’t invest more then you can afford to loose.



Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic,Litecoin and 0x. More Coins might be added into the future.


Online Storage For Over 1,000 coins

Leger Nano S

The disadvantage with storing your crypto online is your information can get hacked if your not careful. To secure your crypto, especially if your HODLing a large part of Crypto, I recommend getting the Ledger Nano S where you crypto is secure with online storage. I made a general walkthrough with the video above.

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