Free Faucets To Buy Cheaper Coins

Free Faucets To Buy Cheaper Coins

My last post, I talked about using to use to accumulate more satoshi and to get the balance to 30,000 satoshi or more, send it to an exchange and covert it to a cheaper coin, in that example, I used Digibyte because it’s current price is only 1 penny. The value I predict will go up over time.

This strategy can be used to acquire more crypto and you can exchange for any crypto you want but I recommend finding the coins that are cheaper and that might go up in value over time.

In todays entry, I go one step further and I show how to make 100 coins or more per day using other Free Faucets. As well as accumulating with each free faucets I recommend for this strategy. – Accumulate till you have at least 30,000 satoshi then take it to an exchange and switch it for a cheaper coin. Try and avoid using the Multiplier until you have more satoshi in your balance.

CryptoTab Browser – CryptoTab is a little different then my other strategies. If you have a good computer then you can mine by yourself and start earning satoshi but if you have a computer like mine the what makes CryptoTab Powerful is the referrals. Obviously, the more referrals you have the better. Obviously when you have enough, you can withdraw daily and take it to an exchange and trade it for a cheaper coin.

Cointiply – Cointiply works very similar to It has an hourly roll, as well as a Multiplier game. Some additions it has that the others don’t have are a chance to view videos and earn coins and some other great features as well but the main goal is to get your balance to 100,000 coins. Then you can withdraw it to an exchange.


Last but not least is CoinPot. The main goal here to follow my strategy is to claim at least once a day in the faucets listed above. Once you do, convert to Bitcoin and when you accumulate 10,000 satoshi’s or more you can send to an exchange.


This strategy, I believe will work for long term HOLDERS. You are earning satoshi for free so why not put in it the cheaper coins. If you put it on a coin that is cheaper, you will get bigger gains in the future vs if you build up satoshi which would give some growth but not as much as putting it in the coins that are cheaper that you believe in the projects of those coins.



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