FREE Methods To Improve Chances at Doing Options With Stock Market

August 25, 2022

FREE METHODS To Earning More From Stock Options


Today I go over an easy strategy for FREE if you don’t want to buy any of the paid indicators I have mentioned. The best way to get the best results is having your chart on two EMA and also Relative Strength Index.

The EMA, I mention in this video are the 13/48 strategies. I figured this strategy by watching another video but even though I have seen good results from it, since this video I have changed my EMA’s to 13/48 to 8/21. The 8/21 EMA I find works extremely well for the stock market.

Whichever combo you pick, the 13/48 or the 8/21. You need to wait for the lines to cross before making your move. If it crosses up then that signals a bull run. If it crosses down, that signals a bear run.

The Relative Strength Index helps confirm your choices. If the RSI is on the bottom, then that is a strong indication it will soon go up. If it is all the way at the top, it signals that crypto or stock will start to go down


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