GetResponse | As An Affiliate

Get Response| As An Affiliate

Is it profitable promoting GetResponse as an Affiliate? Today we dive a little deeper and look inside GetResponse as an affiliate. Every millionaire has at least 7 sources of income. So is this a good addition to Multiple sources of income? Let’s look at a couple things.

In order to consider if it is a good choice, I ask myself 3 questions.

  • How Long Has This company been around?
  • Does It Solve A Problem For Someone?
  • Does It Have A Re-Occurring Commission Plan?

So let’s answer these questions….


How Long Has This Company been around?

GetResponse first launched in 1998, which is 20 years it has existed. Will it exist longer? It has tools and resources for anyone wanting to build a business. I personally think it will still be here in another 10 years or more. It has value that helps build a list for entrepreneurs

Does It Solve A Problem? 

Helps Entrepreneurs build their lists and communicates with their customers. You can build your list to over 100,000 subscribers. Sounds like a helpful tool to me.

Does It Have A Re-Occurring Commission Plan?

It pays on the first 3 levels. If you put your mind in the customer coming in that is new to building their lists, they will probably start with the $15 plan, which will allow them up to 1,000 subscribers. If their list gets bigger then 1,000 then they will have to upgrade to the next level which gives you up to 5,000 subscribers. You also get more features with their landing page creator.

Verdict: Getresponse is an excellent tool every online marketer needs. The demand for this is a very helpful tool. With the right marketing, I recommend adding this to your Multiple Sources of Income.


“My Online Business was inspired by my father who created his own offline company until his passing”

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