How To Build A Sales Funnel with Getresponse

Affiliate Marketing
March 24, 2022

Advantages of Using GetResponse

If your a newbie online and don’t have a lot of money in the beginning, you might have to make some cutbacks with your business. One of the first things that a newbie will do is buy a autoresponder like GetResponse or AWeber. They have a budget of affording a autoresponder service but they don’t have enough to get the better landing pages creators like ClickFunnels.

GetResponse has the resources to pull off making a landing page but the conversion aren’t as great as it is wit others such like ClickFunnels. If you are tight on a budget, I would make the landing pages with GetResponse such as I explained in this video but when you start getting more income rolling in, I recommend using Getresponse as the autoresponder only and using ClickFunnels as your landing page creations for your funnels.

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