GetResponse, As An Affiliate. Is it worth it To Add to Your Multiple Sources of Income

Affiliate Marketing
March 21, 2022

Should You Promote GetResponse?

Verdict: Add To Your Multiple Sources of Income

This video is actually, a few years old but its very informative.I go over places you can go online and check if marks all my boxes for something to be an active affiliate. So GetResponse has been around for a long time and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. It also had passive income if you can be successful bringing in referrals.

How Would I Promote GetResponse As An Affiliate?

I would either create some kind of training that shows the benefits of using GetResponse or build a website on long tail keywords.

I would buy a expired domain and start putting content on the website with a wordpress blog. Once the site has enough content, I would use Google Ads to promote the website which is coded with the GetResponse affiliate links.

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