HODL Bitcoin vs Stocks? Which Is Better

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August 25, 2022

HODL Bitcoin vs STOCKS? Which Is Better?

Today I talk about which is better for a long term success. HODLing Bitcoin or Stocks. When I recorded this video I came the conclusion that Stocks are the better choice long term.

When you base it on the volatility Bitcoin is the asset with the most volatility when it comes to Stocks. When Stocks dip, its not as big as when the volatility of crypto drops. If you can’t handle the volatility, then I would choose stocks such as the S&P 500 ETF because that covers all the top companies out there.

If you can handle the volatility then I would choose Crypto but the one thing I would recommend, to get the best of both world is learn to study charts. Learn to study charts for crypto and the stock market. If you can learn this, and you learn to do it well, you can make a full time income becoming a day trader with Stocks and Crypto.

If you want to earn income during the bear market, I would get familiar with reading charts. If you learn how to read charts, you can participate in Options with Stocks and you can earn passive income all year long, even in the bear market.

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