Buy 1 Bitcoin (BTC) or HODL more Digibyte (DGB)?

Buy 1 Bitcoin (BTC) or HODL more Digibyte (DGB)?

Today, on my twitter account, I posted a POLL. I was trying to see what everyone was in favor for.

  • Option 1: Focus on Buying and HODLing Digibyte
  • Option 2: Focus on Buying and HODLing Bitcoin
  • Option 3: Alternative options

From the results from my twitter account, the audience have spoken with about 71% believe in putting the focus on buying more then Digibyte. As time passes it will get harder and harder to obtain one full Bitcoin. Majority of people think, if they hold on to Digibyte that you will make more gains and can flip it to 1 Bitcoin when the price of Digibyte goes up.

Whats my verdict?: I tend to go with the audience on this. I believe Digibyte, in the future will reach some good numbers and if you put a good enough amount in, you can get to 1 BTC when the price goes up or you can just keep HODLing Digibyte. I believe evenutually we will see a $10 Digibyte or more down the lines which means if you obtain and HODL at least 100,000 coins you will be a millionaire when this happens. Digibyte can make alot of people millionaires. That is harder to achieve with Bitcoin. For Bitcoin, you need to obtain at least 1 Bitcoin and wait for the price to hit 1 Million per coin. For Digibyte, it won’t cost you alot out of pocket to see some good gains. This why my strategy is to buy as much Digibyte as possible. Meanwhile use free resources to slowly build your satoshi and eventually you will have 1 Bitcoin and a ton of Digibyte.

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