HODLING Crypto vs Other Affiliate Opportunities


HODLING Crypto vs Other Affiliate Opportunities

Today, is not something I am proud to admit but my mistakes online can help someone make the right choices and get huge gain off of the information I provide. Which is better HODLING or being involved in other opportunities. When I am talking about opportunities, I am not talking about all the opportunities. Some are good and some are bad.

The ones that are bad are the sites that ask for money upfront that promise big returns in the future but what you will find out after you give this company money, it will be gone within 6 – 12 months. They start getting silence and coming up with excuses of why they are not paying and this is a big red flag.

I speak from experience because this has happened to me more then once. To get a general idea here are the fate of what happened to these coins that I previously joined in the past.

Empower Network

It was very first opportunity, I joined online. I got in to the $1k level. I absorbed the information and found value in what I watched. It brought me from confused to making money online to learning more. I learned that you had to blog daily and I did what I was taught. I found out that I liked to blog and this was how I was introduced to blogging. I kept my blogging membership for years as I researched more but I never made any sort of commission because I was still new and was afraid to put real content out there. I was afraid to show my face, so I just spent a lot of researching and blogging but never made any commissions. Eventually Empower Network went bankrupt and they closed their doors. I moved my content to my own WordPress blog and continue to blog as much as I can.

Final Video I did about My Paying Ads/My Paying Crypto Ads

Original Published Date : May 24, 2017

Once My Paying Ads/My Paying Crypto Ads shut the doors because they ran out of funds, I made two videos on my thoughts. This video (above) was my last video that dealt with Revenue Shares. At the time when people where upset (including me), I felt I still needed to update my followers who followed my journey. There was one good thing to come out of My Paying Crypto Ads and that was it helped me understand Bitcoin better then I did before. Therefore, I could move forward in crypto.

Revenue Shares

Next, I started getting into Revenue Shares. It started out with My Advertising Pays and I stayed with them until they had a issue with the United States. So I moved from My Paying Ads. I built My Paying Ads to a big account, then I learned they were creating another site that was connected to Bitcoin called My Paying Crypto Ads. Bitcoin was confusing for me to understand at first but My Paying Crypto Ads helped me understand it better. I built up my My Paying Crypto Ads to 23 Bitcoin but by the time they closed their doors, I was unable to withdraw the 23 Bitcoin.

What Have Learned From All of This?

After My Paying Ads, I tried to limit and try to be safe with my choices on where I put my money. I began this year with entering failed opportunities and learned that the best strategy is investing in yourself.

What has worked for me is overcoming my fear of being in front of the camera helped my business grow. I started making videos when I started getting results from the revenue share. As I got results, I wanted to share my results and then my fear of being in front of the camera melted away. Something good came out of all of that.

What I learned, is the time I was in the failed opportunities, I should of HOLDed more coins. If I put what I put into those opportunities and waited 6 – 12 months, I would of seen more gains then what those other opportunities promised.

Now, not all opportunities are bad. You have to know how to find the good ones to create more passive residual income. I have training that is currently being developed that will be only subscriber based. It will contain 30 days of training by e-mail subscription only. Each of these videos will contain 30 sources to grow income online. Currently in development so stay tuned as I will be updating you on my progress.

However, even though HODLing crypto is a good investment, I believe it is also a good idea for finding other ways to create income while you are waiting during the bear markets of the crypto space.


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