How To Accumulate 35 BTC or more by…

How To Accumulate 35 BTC or more by HODLING

When I first learned about Bitcoin, I brushed it off because I didn’t understand it at first. That cost me in the beginning. I first started to understand Bitcoin when I was introduced to revenue shares. At the time, I was focused on My Paying Ads which was the main revenue share I took part in.

Eventually, My Paying Ads created a sister site called My Paying Crypto Ads, which dealt with revenue shares but instead of compounding US Dollars, you would be compounding Bitcoin. As I got involved with My Paying Crypto Ads, I started to understand crypto a lot more. My Paying Crypto Ads is what taught me enough to where I could understand the whole principle behind Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Unfortunately, I spent my time in the beginning compounding through My Paying Crypto Ads and not to HODL Crypto, which was the wrong path to go down. Instead of compounding, I should of been accumulating by Buying more Bitcoin.

Note: This video was filmed on May 20th 2017 as I gave my closing
remarks to My Paying Ads/My Paying Crypto Ads shutting down.
Not a lot of people made videos after they shut down but I did to put closure to my videos. I did make one more after this video where I explained that I got my refund from my booster packs but in this final video, you can clearly see that 23 Bitcoin where left unpaid. Its what happens when you put your money in other companies. After this, I just focused on HODLing and using FREE Faucets (links below) to accumulate Free Crypto.

At the time, the price of Bitcoin was worth about $600-$700/coin. Which was very affordable for me at the time. I could of managed about 1 Bitcoin per month which could of given me about 12 Bitcoin if I just HODLED my Bitcoin. On the other side of things I ended up compounding about 23 Bitcoin from My Paying Crypto Ads. Lost profit is about 35 Bitcoin.

So, what I did after that is pay attention to Bitcoin more and started to accumulate more Bitcoin. I learned about some free resources to where you can accumulate Bitcoin for FREE but the main thing I want to express is to focus on buying cheaper coins and when the cheaper coins go up in value you can flip it into Bitcoin if you choose. This is the only way we can catch up and gain more Bitcoin. You can also HODL the cheaper coins longer if you believe it will go up in value over time.

Resources For Buying Bitcoin and Accumulating From Faucets:

Free Faucets

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