How To Buy Cheaper Coins With (Digibyte Demonstration)

How To Buy Cheap Cryptocurrency with

One benefit of using is the ability to earn free satoshi. The amount you can earn per hour depends how often you are using the website. I have been using for awhile and built up my hourly roll by leaving crypto on the site and using the Multiply BTC on a regular bases,

That gives me some rewards and that leads it to about $0.50 an hours when I have rewards turned on and about $0.25 when I don’t have the rewards set to 1000%.

So if your benefits are similar to mine, you can earn $0.25 – $0.50 an hour. So how can you benefit free platforms online to make more money down the line. The best alternative I have found out is to accumulate satoshi every hour and instead of accumulating satoshi. My advice is to build your balance to 30,000 satoshi or more and then send it to an exchange. Once its in a exchange,like Bittrex, you can exchange it for a cheaper coin. For an example in the video below, I use Digibyte as an example.


You can do it two ways. You can collect satoshi and build up your Bitcoin but your gains will be very small in the long term. If you exchange it for cheaper alt coins, then you can turn those 50 cents an hour into $50 or more per day. For long term HODLERS, this seems like the better strategy.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser. Invest at your own risk.

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