How To Make MASSIVE GAINS With Stock Options & Cryptocurrency With Moving Average Exponential

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September 1, 2022

How To Make Money in The Stock Market by using The Moving Average Exponential


To Set this up, all you need is a trading view account and you click on “Indicators”. After that click on “Moving Average Exponential.” Make sure and change the Timeframe to “8.” Click on Style and change the color to a color that stand out. After this setup you are good to go as far as indicators.

Optional Indication for better results is I also use Relative Strength Index and Pulse Algo Pro Oscillator, which is a paid indicator but helps with improve and find the movements to get in and out more then just using the Moving Average Exponential.

When To Make Your Calls

If you are doing Stock Options, you can make money both ways and it is my recommended for this strategy . You simply find the moment the candle passes through the 8 EMA and it will be on a uptrend or downtrend based on that candle.

Using It To Day Trade Stocks or Day Trade Crypto

If you are using it for anything other then Options then you can’t make money when it goes down. You just put the focus on when the candle is green and passes through the 8 EMA for the best results.



I am not responsible for any profit or loss with the context of this blog.

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