How To Make Money Online Based On Your Knowledge and Skills

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Today, I’m going to elaborate on a video I originally made for an email list. This video was intended as a training for prospects to learn different ways to make money online. I step away from what everyone else is thinking and I go over a strategy where you can make money online based on your knowledge and skills.

How To Make Money Based On Your Knowledge and Skills

Everyone grows up with certain knowledge and skills. There is not one single person that is the same and there is information that you share that could help someone else out there in the world. My dad started his own business on what he knew how to do and he helped people. Others, have knowledge but there is a huge portion of people out there that don’t share their knowledge and skills. If you have a skill, it should be shared to the world.

How Can You Profit From Your Knowledge and Skills?

The first thing I would do is get a piece of paper and write down everything you are knowledgable in and have experience with. Once you have this list, I would narrow it down and find the best one and get started writing a E-Book based on what you know how to do. Once you start writing this E-Book, I would look for any place online that has a affiliate or CPA related link that you could attach to your E-Book. Other methods is I would create an online training on what you know how to do and attach affiliate links to that.

Any Other Ideas?

Something I didn’t discuss in this video because I found this out a little latter is to build a website. Buy a domain that is close to your topic and build a site with wordpress around that topic. Next, find low competion keywords and get those keywords ranked at the top of google. You can go to sites such as to find low competition keywords (more on this site latter, look for a training coming up). Eventually, if your consistent, you will see the fruit of your labor over time.


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