How To Make Passive Income In Satoshi with without Referrals or Using Multiplier

September 15, 2022

Note: This strategy as far as I know, will only increase your hourly roll by 200 sats per hour or $0.04 per hourly roll. It might grow in future but I am doing further research on it…


Today, I am going to talk about a simple strategy using the FreeBitcoin site to make passive income. Before I begin, I have to put a disclaimer out there

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any profit or loss. FREEBITCOIN is not owned by me and I have no control in the site and their future. If you choose do this method, I am not responsible for your profit or loss. This is for entertainment purposes only.

The Strategy:

The strategy is very simple. You fund the site with Bitcoin. You do not play multiplier or anything like that. What you do is buy “Lottery Tickets”

What does buying lottery tickets do?

You are entered into a chance to win Bitcoin and that is based on how much everyone overall has purchased tickets. In a ranking of 10 winners and they receive satoshi. I have seen the #1 grand prize to be close to 0.10 – .0.11 most of the time. The drawing is weekly. So you can enter for a chance to win weekly,

The goal of this strategy really isn’t to win the contest. If you win GREAT! What I have figured out is the more tickets you buy and in the beginning you have to buy a lot out of pocket but as you buy more tickets, it increases your satoshi count for the hourly roll over time. Here is an example and that was me buying $40 worth of lottery tickets with my own money. This is how it effected my hourly roll.

Started Buying $20 Lottery Tickets and my Hourly Roll of my satoshi increased from 50 satoshi and hour to 90 satoshi an hour. This all of course is a reflection to the Bitcoin price as well…


Put Another $20 in and increased my satoshi hourly roll from 90 satoshi per hour to 130 satoshi per hour

Compound Your Satoshi by Buying Lottery Tickets Every Week

Once you keep the ball rolling and your satoshi count hits higher numbers, you can create passive income eventually. Once you get to around 1,000 satoshi per hour or even 10,000 satoshi per hour you can keep compounding and grow your overall satoshi per hour.


I am not the owner of FREEBITCOIN, so I do not know it’s future. My guess is it won’t be around forever. As Bitcoin rises in price, I think FREEBITCOIN will go away but I believe and this is my personal opinion, it will disappear after the next bull run. Which has the advantage during this bear market we are currently in…

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Update 09/30/22: The hourly roll stopped accumulating and I think there is a cap of around 200 per satoshi per hour based on the price of Bitcoin around 20k. You can basically make $1 a day with the hourly roll if you buy enough lottery tickets. That is all based on the current price of Bitcoin. If it goes down, you will make more then 200 satoshi an hour, if the price goes up, the hourly roll will be smaller but will be about $1 a day in satoshi value if your able to roll every hour for 24 hours…





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