How To Profit From Day Trading Using These Two Paid Indicators

May 27, 2022


How To Profit From Day Trading Using These 2 Paid Indicators

Today’s video I talk about a method using two indicators that will help increase your chances of profit from day trading.

How To Day Trade Using This Strategy, You Will Need These Indicators

  • Bollinger Bands (Free on Trading View)
  • Buyers vs Sellers Indicator (Paid Indicator via Trade Confident)
  • Price vs Whale Money Flow (Paid Indicator via Trade Confident)

When To Buy Using These Indicators

You buy when you watch both Buyers and Sellers and Price vs Whale Money Flow. When The Whale Money Flow is low, it means that majority of the Whales are selling. When Buyers vs Sellers are low, that means majority of people are selling. When both Whales and majority of people are selling, you know it is a good time to buy.

Once you have bought after both indicators are low, you ride it out till the indicators reach the top and at that point you sell. This is a good strategy using the 1 hour chart and the 30 minute chart. The best profit is using this strategy for the day but you have to wait for the indicators to be clear for that pattern. Until it does, I use the hour to find some good hourly trades.


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