How To Screenshot On Mac


Did You Just Purchase A Mac Computer? If your like me and have been using Windows longer then Macs, you will probably notice the Print Screen is not on your keyboard.

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I have used Windows for a long time but came prepared when I knew there were some big differences between Windows vs Mac computers. One big change that you might not be used to is there is no print screen. It’s there, you just can’t see it. There are two ways I will uncover to use the print screen option on a mac.

Option #1

makes capture a full-screen screenshot

helps you capture selected area as a screenshot

captures only an active window that you choose

It’s frustrating and if you don’t know this ahead of time, then you’ll never know the option is there but this will work on most MACS.

Option #2 – Install A Plug In With Your Browser

To me, it seems like this is the easier option. You can be in the middle of a project and forget the three buttons. So I find good plug ins that are for FREE and you can easily take snapshots of part of your screen or the full screen.

Below I listed a few that I found that should help for Mac Computer users:

  1. Snagit
  2. Lightshot
  3. SnapNDrag
  4. Monostrap
  5. Greenshot
  6. Loom Screen Recorder
  7. CloudApp
  8. Skitch
  9. Recordit

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