How To Use Paid Indicator Pressure Gauge & Make 1-5% In Trades

June 16, 2022

What Is The Pressure Gauge Indicator?

The pressure Gauge Indicator was created by Trade Confident and the indicator shown in the above video is a PAID Indicator. The point of this specific indicator is to find the moments when the market is either going to make a bull to the upside or a bear turn to the downside.

How Is Your Strategy Effective?

I like to take the indicators and do little experiments with them and find good strategies with them. With the Pressure Gauge indicators, there are many different trading strategies you can use but I think the one discussed in this video is highly effective.

How Do I Follow Along With Your Pressure Gauge Strategy?

You need to purchase at least the Pressure Gauge from Trade Confident. At this time, I am not affiliated with him but when I find something that works, I want to share it. You need to purchase either the bundle pack or the Pressure Gauge to follow along in the video. Once you have the indicator….

  1. Get The Source Code From Trade Confident
  2. Go To Trading View
  3. Go To Pine Editor and Erase the Text
  4. Copy Source Code From Trade Confident
  5. Save To Your Trading View Account
  6. Apply The Strategy From My Video



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