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I state pretty active online as I see the potential of being a content creator. My perspective is to create content that will stand the test of time, which means putting out as much content out there that people are looking for. In my perspective, if something happened to me, I would want content out there still being a resource of helping people. So I create content that is helpful, entertaining and most of all I hope people find value in it.

My Official YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel has grown over the years as I first started out. Who would think that I would grow to over almost 4k subscribers. This channel is the first channel I created and have been providing content on  frequent bases. It’s the only channel so far that is monetized. I cover topics are affiliate marketing, crypto and lottery strategies with Pick 3. A lot of the content is actually linked to this official website. Subscribe To My YouTube Channel. 

Spiritually Zen Subscribe To This Channel

This is my official faceless YouTube channel. The idea was created after watching a few videos on YouTube where I wanted to do a little experiment. The videos I watched  helped me realize the power of just making content that people want to watch. So I asked myself what could I create to where there would be a lot of time watching and would be helpful. So I created my first faceless YouTube Channel. This channel originally wasn’t going to use my voice and the first few voice where I paid voice, but then I decided to use my voice and there was nothing wrong with it, the process went faster. The goal of this channel which I am very proud to own, is create affirmations on many topics that will help people on variety of different themed affirmations.

The overall goal of course is to see if I can get to 1,000 subscribers and monetized doing this. Even if I don’t I will still make more affirmations because I feel this channel will grow in the future and help a lot of people.

Holloway Reactions Official Website

A reaction channel was formed in 2019 when I found myself temporary out of work. For most of 2019, I wasn’t working and was looking at other ways to create income. I started watching a lot of reaction channels on YouTube and becoming a fan of a lot of them.

I started to think about the process and figured out that it isn’t difficult to do. You just film yourself reacting to what your watching. How hard could it be? So in 2019, while unemployed, I filmed myself reacting to about 120 reactions to different shows. Once the process was done, I began editing into a full version and linking it to a Patreon Page. 

After that was done I began to upload to YouTube. Once I started getting problems with a couple videos, I decided to make an official website regarding my Reaction Channel. The goal of the website offers two uses. it gives the chance of people organically finding the content on Google and for those that go on YouTube to find the website and watch reactions that have issues. It works both ways. The website will be a way for people to have access to all the reactions that have issues on YouTube.

The reaction channel is something I am going to keep doing but I got to list all the reactions I have filmed to date. I want the website to be ahead of my YouTube Channel as far as content. This is a project I will keep pursuing but it does take a lot of time to film,edit and process to make everything work more smoothly.