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"An Online Business That Was Inspired By My Father who created his own offline business until his passing"

Hello, my name is Paul Holloway. was created because a large part it was based on being around my father for 16 years as I watched him run a offline business during my days with him.

After he passed, I felt it was my mission to carry the family name like he did. I didn't want to roof houses like he did which was his business. Instead, I took his idea of what he did. My dad had learned a skill and worked for several companies till he learned how to create his own company. Going forward after high school, that what I knew I had to do.

I knew I had to learn a new skill and then create a online business out of it. So I did what everyone else did. I went to school and got a college degree. I received an Associates in Multimedia and later spent a year in film.

With school under my belt, I thought I had enough skills to create a business but the problem was, I didn't know anything on creating an online business.

So in 2013, I began researching and looking up for ways to make money online and to be successful creating an online business. I had some great resources and teachers along the way. As I learned and went along, I wrote everything down. Eventually the business I was set out to look for is to teach people what I learned how to do and continue to do.

Many people ask me, why don't I just brand myself with my first and last name and the truth is I am proud of my last name. My dads business started with his last name and what he was good at, so I decided to call myself Holloway Marketing based on my family history.

Holloway Market features my journey and what I have learned up until this point on creating a business online. I wanted to create a place for FREE for people to go to who where interested in becoming self independent.  This site features what works now from what I previously learned in the beginning to now. So stay tuned because I am a one man show running this site and the content I provide. Lots of content will be included on this site but I am also very busy doing other things but one thing I can promise if you keep coming back, I will be posting what has worked for me when it comes to creating a business online.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Who is behind Holloway Marketing?

When I talk about branding yourself, several entrepreneurs use their names to brand themselves. I thought of this myself when I first got started but then I remembered my fathers business which was our last name followed by the skill of his business.  I knew that whatever my business would be and the skill I would learn would be based on what I am trying to teach and that's why I call myself Holloway Marketing instead of just my name but Holloway Marketing is a one person company inspired originally by my father. I think my father would be proud.


What content will you be featuring on your website?

I cover aspects that have helped me create income for myself. I try to stay away from opportunities that will SCAM people. I have had experience will all sorts of scam sites out there and focus more on mindset and the strategies one person can do to create income for themselves. If you have to rely on another company for income, I don't talk about it unless it has proven the test of time but what a lot of my content is focused on is cryptocurrency and affiliate marketing resources.

Do you have a YouTube Channel?

I have a YouTube Channel and I try to post at least 3 videos a week. I do have a busy schedule but I do try and get as much content as I can out there. I have been online for 7 years and I believe if there is someone out there looking for information on creating income then there needs to be someone to teach. There are a ton of topics to go over which is why I will never stop learn and creating videos for my subscribers.

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“My Online Business was inspired by my father who created his own offline company until his passing”

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