My Very First Video I Posted In Affiliate Marketing


My Very First Video I Posted When I Was Inspired To Learn How To Make Money Online

This was probably one of the first videos I posted when making money online. What I did is I got involved with some network opportunities that surprise, surprise are no longer around. I felt excited when I first started seeing results and that is when I started making more videos. Making videos became easier and easier over time because I saw results and wanted to share and all the shyness slowly melted away.

Over time, I turned into two characters. I hit record, and I became a different person. I had a goal and the shyness wasn’t there. Ironically, when the camera shuts off, I went back into being an introvert but this video was one of my first videos to make as far as making affiliate marketing videos.

I referenced Holloway Marketing which has been my domain off and on but I always came back to using this as my domain for my central hub. Mainly, I wanted to create the same business name that my father had created. The goal was simple. Learn a skill and create a business out of it online which has been my motivation ever since my dad passed away. It was also the motivation to put more time into branding because I remember it’s exactly what my dad did. So if my dad can make money on his own, why can’t I? Whenever I get distracted, I always tell myself. “Is this something my dad would do?” If the answer was no. I knew I had to change something…

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