Powerful Indicator To Figure Out When The Whales Are Buying & Selling Crypto

May 27, 2022

Trade With The Whales and Increase Your Chances Of Winning

How would you like the formula to winning most trades and becoming a more successful day trader with swing trading and day trading crypto. Today I talk about a Paid indicator that you can use that basically tells you when the whales are buying and when they are selling.

This indicator can be found at Trade Confident and you can either get it as a bundle or you can buy it separately but in order to follow along in this video you need this indicator! This indicator in my opinion is worth the price. I am not even affiliated with this indicator. I found that these are so helpful to me, I feel the need to share it. Commission or no commission, I highly recommend Trade Confident and his indicators.

What Indicator do you need?

If you go to Trade Confident, he sells different indicators but the only one I am referring to today that you need is the Price vs Whale Money Flow Indicator.

You can actually go to the creators website and he gives you his process on using his indicators and how he uses it to make successful trades but what I like doing is using my own strategy from his indicators and finding out my own strategies.

How To Buy and Sell With The Whales

The main problem with day or swing trading is we don’t know the bottom. We don’t know when the big whales are going  to sell and when they are going to come back in and buy. The big secret I have found that if you just follow this indicator you will know when the whales are buying and selling. How is this helpful. If you know when they are selling you can get out before they tank the market and back in with the whales. You will be trading with the whales instead of being affected by them and that will lead to more gains.

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