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April 21, 2022


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Want To Rank Your Content Faster?

One resource to making money online is to create content based on what people are looking for. For example, If you do a Google search for “How To….”, and look at the suggestions. Those suggestions are the most common searches that people are looking for. So what happens if you create content around your topic?

One method that will cause your content to rank faster is you have to do both of this things at the same time.

  • You have to have a website that centers around the topic you want to rank for.
  • You have to have a YouTube channel that centers around the topic you want to rank for.

In this process you have to create a website with fresh blog posts every day that has the video your uploading to YouTube. What you basically to is have both YouTube and your website link to each other.

On the website with the blog, your putting up fresh content with the video your creating for YouTube. If you read this exact blog post, you will notice that the video is not embedded with YouTube. Instead, I upload the video thats on YouTube directly to my wordpress site. If the video is under 512MB then it can be hosted on WordPress. If it is larger then 512MB then you have to take the embedded link from YouTube.

Either way, it’s good to have video on your blog and I personally upload from WordPress blog because the video looks more professional on your blog.

If you are able to upload your video to WordPress, then I like include a link that directly links to my YouTube Video. That is all you do on your blog.

Now, once your website is public you need to go to YouTube and upload it to your channel. This next step is very important because you have to include your blog post in the description to your YouTube Channel and put as much content as you can in the description but the most important thing is to link it directly to your blog.

Why Is This Important?

As you are including the link to your YouTube on your blog and your YouTube Channel is linked to your blog, it creates a backlink and the more backlinks you have the more you will rank. You will rank better on YouTube because YouTube is seeing your content is getting embedded and you will rank better on your blog because your website is getting backlinks. This is the hack to ranking faster.


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