Online Mentor Shoutouts

When starting online whether, that be in affiliate marketing or investing in crypto you will need some guidance and I thought I would shout out some of the mentors I have found online that have refrain my thinking and with their content, helped me grow my online business the correct way. I recommend checking these mentors because they give great value…

Marcus Campbell   Subscribe To His YouTube Channel

Marcus was the one who flipped my thinking correctly into affiliate marketing. Marcus who teaches on a variety of different topics including finding keywords with low competition that have high search volume and creating content around it. He also teaches on how to buy expired domains and flip it for profit. He provides a lot of value with his FREE Content alone. Highly Recommended!! Check Out His YouTube Channel!


Calvin Hill from The Power of Publish Watch Him Live On Tik Tok

I was on Tik Tok and I stumbled on when he was live and the amount of value he gives is mind-blowing. He talks about both affiliate marketing and crypto but what changes is when he starts talking about crypto. He constantly talks about the bear market and how to make profit from it. He is doing the lives to help as much people because we currently are in a bear market (2022). As I was watching his lives what he says, something clicked and I realized that I was too distracted in the past and am 100% preparing for the next bull run and staying focused. I try to watch his lives frequently to put my mind right and to always stat focus on what I need to do. Make sure and catch him live on Tik Tok! 

Make Money With Matt

Matt teaches how to create a variety of YouTube Channels by not showing your face. After watching his videos, I generated some ideas to come up with some ideas for a faceless YouTube Channel. Not long after watching his videos, I created Spiritually Zen which is my first faceless YouTube Channel, which has been organically growing quite nicely. The idea is to create content, to where it will syndicate and I will have to post less and less. Right now, I try and post a new video every day but will slow down after I reach certain milestones. After I am satisfied with the results, I will think of ideas of other faceless YouTube Channels to create but I have to reach 1000 subscribers before any other decision is made. Thanks For Your Valuable content Matt!!! Subscribe To His Channel


He basically teaches how to use Moving Average Exponential and using it with the 13 EMA and 48 EMA. He teaches how to find patterns when they cross and use it to our advantage. His methods are mainly for using it for options when trading stocks but the same principle can be used for day trading crypto and stocks which I have found very helpful. Subscribe To His Channel