Shiny Ball Syndrome | Red Flags & How Prevent It From Happening To You

Affiliate Marketing

Shiny Ball Syndrome is a phrase used when you get online that kind of distracts you from what you should be doing online. If you want to make money online, wheather in affiliate marketing, crypto or anything with making money online, you will get easily distracted.

The shiny ball syndrome usually happens at the point when your in crossroads with what your doing online. You will get distract to this “new opportunity” that promises fast returns. When you start thinking

“I’m going to make a lot of money with this”

Usually that’s the point when you have already found that opportunity that will distract you. By the time you realize you are having a “Shiny Ball Syndrome” it will be too late. Your interest will have already peaked into what won’t work.

The opportunity will come along and in the end, it will eithier disappear, run off with your money and by the time you realize you will be scratching your head wondering what happened, why you got so easily duped and you will end up feeling lost and confused after its all over.

By the time you get back to doing what you where doing, it’s harder because most of the income and resources went into what was not working with what you should of been doing and youll end up having less time or money then you had before to invest and focus on what you should of been doing and this will leave you feeling frustrated and then the next “shiny object” comes around and the cycle happens over and over again.

The best way to avoid “Shiny Ball Syndrome” is to avoid touching anything that isn’t own by you and to put your energy and focus on one thing. If you feel you being drawn to another “shiny object” you will reconize it more and more and you’ll be less drawn to this when you put the focus on one thing. When the one thing starts giving results and doesn’t disappear in 6 months or so, your on the right path.

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