Tools and Resources

The goal of of Tools and Resources is to provide enough Tools and Resources so one person can get all the tools the need to be successful. Whether your into Affiliate Marketing or your into Crypto. There is a little something here for everyone,

Crypto Currency Resources

Wallets To Store Crypto

Once you start HODLing Crypto for the long term, its best to store it but what is better? To Store It online or with a private wallet. I have included all the sites I recommend

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Earn Free Crypto

Budget To Tight To Pay for Crypto Yourself? There are several sources online to where you can earn crypto for FREE. Included are all the sources I recommend for all different kinds of crypto

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Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources


These are tools anyone that owns a business needs. The ability to build a list and communicate with your customers

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Landing Page Creators

If your promoting anything online, you need to create a opt in page and a way to build your sales funnel for whatever your promoting in your business. There are some great tools that can accomplish this.

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Tracking And Conversions

How Do You Know How Well Your Campaigns Are Doing? You have to track your links and see what is converting and what isn't. To do that you tracking programs that can help with that

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Bonus: My Preferred Traffic Methods

Paid Marketing Resources

These are forms of Paid Traffic I have used for campaigns and they have worked for me

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