Whats In My Wallet? Crypto Currency Portfolio (08-23-18 Update)

Whats In My Wallet? Crypto Currency Portfolio (08-23-18 Update)

Today, I share the crypto currency I am currently HODLing. I will making frequent updates on where I stand as far as percentages go as what I have in my portfolio and my strategy going forward.

Not talked about in this video, I have a rule that once I add crypto to my portfolio, I keep it there and it stays in that coin at least until the next Bitcoin Halving which is in 2020, I believe. Also, I no longer use the Multiplier on FreeBitcoin site and I simply accumulate my free crypto on both FreeBitcoin and Coinpot and when I have enough, I withdraw my free crypto. With coinpot, my focus is to accumulate Litecoin. I average about 0.002 with Litecoin per day on Coinpot and on FreeBitcoin, I’m claiming every hour till I reach the withdrawal amount of 30,000 satoshis. I will be making a video about this soon.

Current Portfolio

Digibyte = 98% of My Portfolio

When I think about Digibyte, I remember where Bitcoin and Litecoin’s price was in the beginning. When I first learned about crypto, Bitcoin was around $700 – $800 but I didn’t HODL. My mind was too distracted by shiny ball syndrome on opportunities that eventually collapsed. When I figured out that the best thing for me was to HODL, I switched gears to focus more on HODLing. I believe Digibyte will see much higher numbers in the future which is why I have a lot Digibyte. I don’t plan to sell my Digibyte for a VERY long time. Even after it reaches $1 or more, in which it will. I just don’t know when.

Litecoin = 1.5% of My Portfolio

Litecoin was my coin of focus before I learned about Digibyte. Now that Digibyte is majority of my portfolio, I can put the focus on Litecoin. What I do plan on doing is leveling out each of these coins. The amount in Digibyte, I want the same for Litecoin, if not more. This coin is considered the silver to bitcoin and with Bitcoin rising in the near future, we know that Litecoin will also grow.

Bitcoin – 0.5 of My Portfolio

Why don’t I have more Bitcoin? Right now, I am collecting Bitcoin piece by piece by claiming from Free faucets which is why it is on the bottom. I first learned about Bitcoin when it was valued at $600 – $700 per coin but like I said, I wasn’t too familiar with how everything worked. Instead of HODLing, I was in opportunities that taught me about crypto but eventually collapsed. It was until after that I had to learn the hard way that the best method was just to HODL. By the time I realized this, the price reached 6,000 to 7,000 which is expensive. Alot of people don’t want chunks of Bitcoin instead of a full Bitcoin. Which is why I am accumulating Bitcoin by using Free Faucets and when I can afford more I will buy them in small chunks. Eventually it will lead to growing into 1 Bitcoin and more. My plan is to acquire more then 1 Bitcoin but I am taking this day by day and each day I accumulate more and more. I am going to talk about this more in future videos but if you own even a small amount of Bitcoin, you are already ahead to everyone that dismiss Bitcoin or haven’t accumulated any at all.


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