Why It’s Important To Not Make YouTube “Your Online Business”

Branding Yourself

Today, I’m a going to cover why Branding what you shouldn’t focus on when building your brand. In a few days, I’m going to go over why it’s good and the benefits of YouTube but today I talk about the cons of branding on YouTube.

As I discussed in the video, a major con is when you upload to YouTube, they have the authority to remove any of your videos at any time. Unless you create an alternative place for others to view your content, your brand is not safe. That’s why I would suggest creating a blog or personal website for others to have access to your content, in case anything happens your followers will follow you on your next social plug to find out the recent news going on. It’s always important to create your central hub first. A place for people to go, then focus on uploading your videos on YouTube.

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