Why Your Not At The Top Of The Leaderboard with Network Opportunities

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Why Your Not On The Leaderboard with Network Marketing Program?

In the beginning, this applied to me more because I joined several opportunities online that aren’t around anymore. I didn’t know it at the time but when I joined these opportunities, I could not understand why others were getting to the top of the leaderboard and I wasn’t.

You join an opportunity and you’re doing everything the site is telling you to do. That’s your problem right there! Your listening to what they are telling you to do and not even considering that these gurus want you to promote their site like it is.

They will not tell you that those that are on the leaderboards figured it out. They have already branded themselves and they understand what it takes to get to the top of the leaderboard. Everyone that is on the leaderboard has already built a list so it would be easy for them to get to the top.

What they don’t tell you is in order to stand out, you have to brand yourself and that starts with building a list. Don’t use the links they give you to promote. Instead, use personal branding and stand out and explain to prospects how that opportunity has helped you. That’s how all those people are on the leaderboard because they thought outside the box and built up their personal brand.

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