Buy Ripple (XRP) or HODL more Digibyte (DGB)?

Buy Ripple (XRP) or HODL more Digibyte (DGB)?

Yesterday, I put up a poll on my Twitter account to ask the question if you where to choose to HODL only one coin, which would you choose? Ripple or Digibyte. I have more Digibyte then Ripple but I was creating a little survey to find out which coin the general population prefers. Both I believe are good coins but the results after the first 24 hours surprised me.

Which Coin is better?

Some of the feedback I got from members.

Reasons people like Ripple:

Reasons why people like Digibyte

  • Coin was never a ICO
  • Its not controlled by banks
  • Digibyte is centralized
  • 5 mining algorithms
  • Faster than Bitcoin


Verdict: I still support Digibyte and want to keep building more dgb. I will however start accumulating more Ripple (XRP)

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