3 Steps To Becoming Successful With Affiliate Marketing

What I Was Taught

I spent years learning how to make money online until I found I mentor who helped me realize what I was doing wrong. Like everybody else, I was taught to find offers, build a email list and do some paid traffic to get sales. This is how everyone wants you to think. The beginners will just do the basic affiliate marketing strategies. Maybe they will attempt to build their list or build a funnel that links to the offer.

Even if you do what everyone else is doing, you might get a couple sales here and there. What people don’t understand is you need content and if there is no one visiting your site, you will never get long term sales. The goal here to be successful is to find a long tail keyword, buy a domain and build a site around it. Once you have content to your website, you just send traffic to it and if your ranking the top page of Google, you will get organic traffic but you have to have long tail keywords,high search volume and focus on ranking the first page of Google.

Step One | Do Proper Research

You have to do proper research and search for possible questions people are asking and find long tail keywords with little competition but high search volume. I use a site called AHREF to find my data.

Step Two | Buy A Domain with A WordPress blog

You can go to resources such as Expired Domains or Just Dropped to find ideas for domains. Once you have it you can buy it on Namecheap or GoDaddy and buy it with a word press blog. I personally use Namecheap for the domains I’m building. I use GoDaddy if I want to flip domains.

Step Three | Build Website & Promote

Once you get started build up the website. It doesn’t have to have alot. If you are trying to grow organically, then you need fresh content daily until you start ranking. Other then that you can do paid marketing after its created