About Me

“My father inspired me to become an entrepreneur, now I want to teach others to be successful online”

Holloway Marketing was my brand I created in respect to my father who created his own offline business. Growing up in Texas, I was observant to my father as I witnessed him work a company he built from the ground up. My dad worked the 9 to 5 grind and later learned how to do everything himself and created a offline business.

My father passed when I was 15 and it was around that moment, I saw everything my father had built. After his passing, I saw his truck being sold and his ads being removed from the paper. It was at that exact moment when I saw his company car going away and I thought to myself.

“My dad built all this on his own. He was a entrepreneur”

So, I didn’t know my path quite yet but my dad helped me with this decision. My goal after high school was to learn a skill and create a business out of it. I tried many things. Went to college, tried to learn a trade. When it came down to I found myself in my fathers shoes. I would end up working for a 9 to 5 in the day and then researching how to make money online on the side. Through all my trials and error, I have really grown as an entrepreneur.

I started a YouTube Channel . Got over being in front of the camera, I have friended and connected with a lot of people online with the same mindset and my goal is to create content from what I’ve learned to help others learn how to make money online with Crypto, Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing. So, I created this blog as a resource for people to go to. For someone who has been there and in the shoes of a newbie my content on this site cuts straight to the chase and I go over what works and how to build up many sources of income online.

My father would be proud….