About Me

Who Is Holloway Marketing

My name is Paul Holloway, its nice to meet you. The name Holloway Marketing was basically created after I was inspired by my father. Growing up, my father ran his own offline business. He was successful at what he did. He created something from scratch, learned skills, and created a business out of it.

Sadly, he passed at a young age, and right after this happened, I was inspired to keep on going and follow in his footsteps. I didn’t want to pursue his business but his death inspired me to pass the torch the same way he passed it to me. I believe that was my father’s purpose in his life and I will be teaching entrepreneurs how to be successful till the day I die. Hopefully, one day my strategies will help others and I can create entrepreneurs the same way my father gave me the bug to become a entrepreneurs

What To Expect From Holloway Marketing

I created Holloway Marketing as my central hub for everything I do that involves making money online. I’ve had issues with YouTube when creating content, so I wanted to post the best content I have created over my years of doing this and have it accessible to those that find value in my content. The bread and butter of this site will be my training section (which is under construction) but it features my best videos both old and new content. Look For That Soon. You never know what will happen with your content. YouTube may one day take down content that you have build which is why I believe in branding yourself. Not with YouTube but personal branding and standing out.

What Kind Of Topics will you be covering?

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Crypto
  • CPA Marketing
  • Adult CPA Marketing
  • Faceless YouTube Channels
  • The Truths of Reaction Channels
  • Building Websites Around Low Competition Keywords


If I’m just meeting you, then it’s nice to meet you. If you have seen my content around then I created this as my official hub. Whatever I’m doing to make money online, I share it here first before anywhere else. Welcome aboard, I have a lot to teach you.