Being Prepared Before Pulsechain Launches

April 13, 2022


One of the biggest project in 2022 is Pulsechain and I have made a video regarding it. Originally, when I made the video I thought that TestNet would be around for a lot longer. I was able to get one stake during the whole process but later learned that the staked amount for those three days might not transfer through when we officially launches.

What Is My Strategy Moving Forward Before Pulsechain Launches?

Everybody has their own strategy but I am accumulating HEX because it was created by the similar founder,Richard Heart. Richard Heart will let us know when the “snapshot” happens and when it does and if you hold any Ethereum tokens, you should get a airdrop in the MainNet when it happens. That is why my plan is to buy as much HEX because I believe as it gets closer to the launch that the price of HEX will go up as well.

When Do You Think Pulsechain will launch?

Everyone has their own theories from the latest video by Richard Heart and some things need to be sorted. I am guessing anywhere between 4 weeks to 2 months is my guess. Which allows me time to buy even more before the launch.

Pay attention to the community from Richard Heart and the community for latest developments.


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