How To Build A Email List With No Money

Affiliate Marketing
March 22, 2022

“The Money Is In The List”

If you ever got started online that phrase is probably the first a newbie has heard and it is true. You need two things to be successful online. To build and email list and a place to host content. A lot of people might not have enough money in the beginning but I would recommend getting started with AWeber or GetResponse in the beginning to start building your list

To start building your list with little to no money, I would create content that has a followup sequence for 15-20 days. Basically, design your funnel to where you will walk the prospect through some sort of training. After they opt in they will get a series of training videos from you.

As you build your follow up sequence, you can put the focus on bringing more prospects in my doing some solo ads and Free methods to start growing your list. What this will do is you will have fresh prospects coming in your funnel every 15 days. If you are providing value, then your prospect will stick around and you will start to grow your email list.

If you provide good content, then the open rate should be at a good conversion because the cold lead prospect respects the value from the training that they received.

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